The Destiny Village is a drug and alcohol regeneration program located in West Babylon. Destiny Village heals and restores men caught in addictions. Addiction is not a logical problem; it is a living problem. It is not a self-control problem; it is an inability to apply life's basic principles. It is reaping what we have sown. It is the fruits of what we believe about others and ourselves.

At Destiny Village, we understand that the contamination is not only physical, but also mental. Understanding this aids in the regeneration of spirit, mind and body. Destiny Village helps the whole person. From detox to diploma, the whole family has the opportunity to heal and to learn to be whole and complete.

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"My addiction left me with little hope for the future. I had broken or destroyed many relationships and now have hope of rebuilding and growing those relationships. Destiny Village has given me the tools, guidance and vision for how to live my life going forward."

Not to worry we have helped Hundreds of others going through the exact same thing! Click the link below to see more information about our programs.

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